Friday, October 22, 2010

Crocheted Poncho

When I was four years old, I had a bright red crocheted poncho and LOVED it. My mom can testify I wore it with everything and everywhere. My fond memories of that beloved piece of clothing made me want to look into making one for my seven year old daughter, Maddie. I bought the brightest red yarn I could find and set upon finding an easy pattern for crocheting a poncho.

The idea is basic- two large granny squares that are hooked together at the shoulders. Leave a small opening for the arms, if desired, and embellish. If you're not used to crocheting, there's a great tutorial at Crafty Stylish that teaches you How to make a Granny Square. After some practice, you're ready to start... to make a poncho, you're going to make about 19-20 complete rows with an H hook for a girl's size 12-14. Add about 6 inch fringe when finished. This is easy to make smaller or larger, just reduce or increase your rows to fit.

Maddie showing off her
crochet poncho

I crocheted a flower and attached to top for an embellishment

I've started another one with pink and electric blue variegated themes, and plan on making a hat to match. I'll upload a picture when I'm done. Here's how far I've gone so far:

Almost done, just another square to sew to back and add fringe!

Most of my crocheting is done at night in bed :)

Consider crocheting one of these cool sweaters! My daughter says it's like wearing a blanket in class :) Hopefully she'll have as fond memories of her homemade sweater as I do.


  1. what a great poncho! you're so talented! i'd love to see the multicolored one, once it's done! :)

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  2. Thanks Jen! I'll be finishing this one up by Christmas, will definitely update my pictures. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. What a cute poncho. I wouldn't mind having one myself. I really like how you stitched the squares together. I lived in AK for 7 years and so wish I still did live there. I miss it terribly. I can't wait to try some of the recipes I've found on your blog too. Take care.

  4. I really like your poncho idea and your daughter looks like she is really enjoying wearing it! Have a great Saturday! :-)

  5. Thanks Sheila and Heather! Sheila, whereabouts in Alaska did you live? There are times I've wished I lived somewhere warmer, but I've been here so long I don't think I'll probably ever leave. The summers are amazing and I love the wildlife.

    Heather, you enjoy your weekend too! :)

  6. Beautiful poncho and beautiful little girl!
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  7. Great job my daughter!!! You are so very talented!!! Yes, I remember you wearing that poncho so many years ago. Keep up the great work. Your a blessing to your family!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your one and only cool mom

  8. Deb,
    We lived on Elmendorf--my husband was in the Air Force. We begged them to let us stay as my husband only had 3 years left to retirement--and we were house hunting. Sadly, they wouldn't let us stay and we just haven't had a chance to get back up that way. My daughter and I loved, loved, loved Anchorage. Take care.

  9. there are three things i like
    First : red is very attractive
    second :your daughter smile... she is really enjoying wearing the crochet poncho
    third : done at night in bed....

    really great!